Stratford-upon-Avon May 2011

Forty guests attended the holiday in Stratford-upon-Avon. They enjoyed the 4 star hotel, the historic town, bathed in sunshine and some entertaining bridge.

The winners were as follows:-

Monday Evening – 10 tables.


North/South                        Mick & Steve

East/West                           David & Marion


Tuesday Morning – 6 tables


North/South                        Bunty & Kate

East/West                           David & Marion


Tuesday Evening – 10 tables


North/South                        Mick & Pat (H)

East/West                           Janet & Kay


Wednesday Mornning – 6 tables


North/South                        Marian & Pat (H)

East/West                           Rachel & Meg


Wednesday Evening – 10 tables


North/South                        Zaib & Pat (D)

East/West                           Jane & Harry


Sally and Pamela won a prize for the highest average score in the evenings.



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