Southport April/May 2012

The springtime bridge break group weathered monsoon-like conditions on the Sunday to be rewarded with some half-decent weather for the rest of the holiday and lots of enjoyable bridge.

The hotel received acclaim for the food and accommodation.

The results of the various competitions are below.


Sunday Evening

1 Ann Pickering and Pauline Lang          69.53%

2 Richard Eisenberg and Vera Mckeon       61.72%

3 Marjorie Measor and Val Morris          59.53%

Monday Morning


1 Richard Eisenberg and Vera Mckeon       62.50%

2 Edna Kopman and Bernice Barr            57.98%


1 Anne Croft and Pauline Bell             64.24%

2 Linda Andrew and Myra Entwistle         52.44%

Monday Evening


1 Jane & Harry Hadfield                   67.34%

2 Ann Pickering and Marjorie Warren       60.47%


1 Gill Neill and Michael Mather           58.75%

2 Pauline Bell and Anne Croft             54.69%

Tuesday Morning


1 Marjorie Measor and Val Morris          55.31%

2 Vera and Charles McCulloch              51.88%


1 Pauline Shott and Sheila Hildage        62.66%

2 Pauline Bell and Anne Croft             50.94%

Tuesday Evening


1 Marjorie Measor and Val Morris          58.13%

2 Pauline Shott and Sheila Hildage        55.63%


1 Edna Kopman and Bernice Barr            55.00%

2 Pauline Bell and Anne Croft             51.88%

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