Christmas bridge at the Queens Hotel Chester – 27th to 30th December 2013

Thanks to all who came and enjoyed our Christmas break with us, and thank you for all the compliments and positive feed back. We are looking forward to seeing you in Shrewsbury in December 2014!

Here are the bridge results from Chester this Christmas:-

Friday Evening

1st John & Tricia Berry 61.59%
2nd Pat Alderton & Ailsa Mack 56.57%

1st Ian & Pam McIntosh 61.48%
2nd Rita Kushner & Elga Stewart 60.45%


Saturday Morning

1st Jean Pettitt & Partners 60.28%
2nd Jean Crowhurst & Betty Gannon 58.89%

1st Margaret Steed & Morag Merica 63.06%
2nd John & Babs Godding 58.33%


Saturday Evening

1st Jean Crowhurst & Betty Gannon 61.95%
2nd Sheila Read & Shirley Curtis 60.57%

1st Gladys Landes & Helen Krell 57.93%
2nd Dorothy Dawson & Enid Denton 57.68%


Sunday Morning – Teams

1st David Murray, Mick Peel, Vera McKeon & Richard Eisenberg 37 IMPS
2nd Bernard & Val Hill, Christine Willey & Sylvia Hall 28 IMPS


Sunday Evening

1st David Murray & Mick Peel 63.18%
2nd Sheila Read & Shirley Curtis 57.95%

1st Pauline Bell & Anne Croft 63.41%
2nd David b& Marion McNeillie 62.05%



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